Fam No Part No Part name
Cylinder Block    
AC10A 0004 TZZ50271 Cylinder block Assembly
  T3711K054 Cylinder block
  T3135X062 Liner
  T32166329 Bolt
  T3271H004A Idler shaft
  GB879-76 Dowel
  T3774A004 Plug
  T33142111 Thimble
  T32418122 Plug
AC10A 0064 T31134165 Bush
AC10A 0115 T32416119 Plug
AC10A 0121 T32417134 Plug
AC10A 0124 T64404002 Plug
AC10A 0325 T32168212 Plug
AC10A 0328 T714030009 Washer
AC10A 0326 T0650586 Screw plug
AC20L 0456 T3861A027 Cooling Jet
AC20L 0500 T4138A017 Cooling Jet valve
AC10A 0373 T721050003 Rear oil seal housing
AC10A 0400 T3211C002 Screw
AC10A 0439 T3211C002 Screw
Fam No Part No Part name
Timing Gear& Camshaft    
AC10B 0001 T3681P009 Joint
AC10B 0010 T3716C127B Timing case
AC10B 0037 T2314H003 Screw
AC10B 0040 T2314H034 Screw
AC10B 0274 T3681P029 Joint
AC10B 0277 T3716M073 Front Cover
AC10B 0277 T2418F436 Seal
AC10B 0316 T2314H005 Screw
AC10B 0320 T2314H004 Screw
AC10B 0325 T2314H034 Screw
AC10B 0350 T2314H034 Screw
AC10B 0436 T2314H013 Screw
AC10B 0508 T3753R211 Inspection Cover
AC10B 0505 T3682H003 Joint
AC10B 0511 T2314F036 Screw
AC10B 0560 T3781N042 Damper Joint
AC10B 0561 T3781N043 Damper Plate
AC10B 0563 T2314F003 Screw
AC10J 0004 T0500012 Key
AC10J 0007 T3117C061 Gear
AC10J 0013 T33426161A Hub
AC10J 0031 T4111A013 Gear Assy.
AC10J 0054 T3241H009 Plate
AC10J 0069 T2314J010 Screw
AC10J 0129 T4111A008 Gear Assy.
AC10J 0144 T33123125 Washer
AC10J 0150 T2722A206 Clip
AC10J 0180 T31416307 Camshaft
AC10J 0183 T33153135 Cover Plate
AC10J 0189 T2116053 Dowel
AC10J 0195 T0500012 Key
AC10J 0201 T3117L023 Gear
AC10J 0207 T2314J606 Screw
AC10J 0214 T3321A003 Washer
HB10B 0586 T3617A001 Plate
HB10B 0583 T3683H006 Joint
HB10B 0589 T2314H003 Screw
AF25B 0002 T0650586 Plug
Fam No Part No Part name
Crankshaft Pistons & Connecting Rods  
AC10C 0005 T3131H022 Crankshaft
AC10C 0005 T3131H031 Crankshaft
  TDU5MB0010 Bearing Assy.
AC10C 0044 T3111V005 Bearing
AC10C 0046 T3111V014 Bearing
AC10C 0049 T3111V005 Bearing
AC10C 0052 T3111V014 Bearing
AC10C 0055 T3111X011 Bearing
AC10C 0058 T3111X005 Bearing
AC10C 0061 T3111V005 Bearing
AC10C 0064 T3111V014 Bearing
  TZZ90001 Thrust Washer Assy.
AC10D 0005 T3135J186A Piston
AC10D 0008 T4181A026 Piston ring
  T3136J051 Compression ring
  T3136X021 Compression ring
  T3137N021 Scraper ring
AC10D 0019 T3313T005 Piston pin
AC10D 0022 T2721332 Circlip
AC10D 0028 T4115C211 Conrod assembly
  T32186142 Screw
  T3112E005 Small End Bush
AC10D 0056 T31132011 Bearing
Fam No Part No Part name
Cylinder Head    
AC10E 0004 T72505009 Head Gasket
AC10E 0005 TZZ80299 Cylinder Head Assy.
  T3712L042 Cylinder Head
  T3324E003 Inlet valve seat
  T3314A122 Outlet valve seat
  T2431154 Plug
  T0650586 Plug
  T0650203 Plug
  T2411157 Washer
  T0650710 Plug
  T32417156 Plug
AC10E 0037 T3343F041A Inlet valve guide
AC10E 0040 T3343J021A Outlet valve guide
AC10E 0064 T2114A046 Dowel
AC10F 0001 T3142L072 Valve inlet
AC10F 0004 T33817117B Seal
AC10F 0007 T31745122 Spring
AC10F 0010 T31744133 Spring
AC10F 0013 T33415118 Washer
AC10F 0016 T33424107 Cap
AC10F 0019 T33173108 Cotter
AC10F 0025 T3142A051 Valve exhaust
AC10F 0028 T33817117B Seal
AC10F 0031 T31745122 Spring
AC10F 0034 T31744133 Spring
AC10F 0037 T33415118 Washer
AC10F 0043 T33424107 Cap
AC10F 0046 T33173108 Cotter
AC10E 0100 T32166219 Screw
AC10E 0103 T32166221 Screw
AC10E 0106 T32166222 Screw
Fam No Part No Part name
Rocker shaft    
AC10F 0052 T2313H331 Stud
AC10F 0058 T2318A605 Nut
AC10F 0061 T2314J607 Screw
AC10F 0070 T3818X901 Bracket
AC10F 0082 T31411147 Rocker shaft
AC10F 0091 T0650507 Plug
AC10F 0103 T4115R306 Lever assy. Rocker LH
AC10F 0109 T4115R305 Rocker arm
AC10F 0127 T32114145 Screw
AC10F 0130 T0576052 Nut
AC10F 0133 T31744123 Spring
AC10F 0136 T31743108 Spring
AC10F 0163 T33117434 Washer
AC10F 0166 T0170151 Circlip
AC10J 0239 T3142U031 Tappet
AC10J 0257 T31434307 Pushrod
AC20N 0011 T3775E012 Connection
AC20N 0020 T2233022 Screw
AC20N 0023 T33811113 Olive
AC20N 0025 T3311K015 Washer
Fam No Part No Part name
Lubricating Oil Pump    
AC20B 0007 T4132F057 Lub. Oil Pump Assy.
AC20B 0175 T2314H004 Screw
AC20B 0179 T2314H002 Screw
AC20D 0046 T4138A033 Relief valve
AC20D 0127 T2314K161 Screw
AC20G 0001 T3572V012 Oil Pipe
AC20G 0076 T2314H004 Screw
AC20G 0084 T2314H004 Screw
Fam No Part No Part name
Fuel Injection Equipment    
AF17D 0004 Q1201040F3S Stud
AF17D 0037 T2318A604 Nut
AF17D 0058 T3117L113N Drive gear
AF17D 0088 T33828118B Joint
AF17D 0094 T73208219 Fuel pump
AF17D 0094 T73208220 Fuel pump
AF17D 0094 T73208392 Fuel pump
AF17D 0191 T3821D014A Bracket
AF17D 0192 T2314H017 Screw
AF17D 0193 Q340B08 Nut
AF17D 0197 GB97-85D8 Washer
AF17D 0198 Q40308 Spring washer
AF17D 0194 T3821A014A Bracket
AF17D 0195 T2314J003 Screw
AF17D 0196 T2314H005 Screw
AF17E 0001 T73301004 Atomizer Assy.
AF17E 0004 T3662K002 Clamp
AF17E 0007 T0921173 Washer
AF17E 0008 T2314H006 Screw
AF17E 0035 T33813129 Spacer
AF17E 0037 T33813131 Seal cover
AF17M 0002 T4184K012C High pressure pipe
AF17N 0001 T73302700 Pipe
AF17N 0034 T3218R005 Screw
AF17N 0049 T2411101 Washer
AF20L 0001 T63806001 Lubricating,pipe
Fam No Part No Part name
Flywheel Housing    
CD30A 0198 T3713K023G Flywheel housing
CD30A 0227 Q/0501-05M16X1.5 Plug
CD30A 0255 T2314J204 Screw
CD30A 0264 T2314J603 Screw
CD30A 0294 T0350025 Dowel
CD30A 0358 T36843154 Seal
CE10A 0001 T75205004A Sensor
Fam No Part No Part name
Flywheel & Starter Ring    
DD30B 0004 T73639700K1 Flywheel assy.
DD30B 0010 T73611205 Flywheel
DD30B 0020 T31162121B Starter ring
DD30B 0019 T0096803 Screw
DD30B 0031 T33117127 Washer
DD30B 0078 T63601003 Bearing
Fam No Part No Part name
Motor Starter    
ED025A 0036 T2313C078 Stud
ED025A 0042 T2318A604 Nut
ED025A 0007 T73701009 Starter motor
  T73701020 Drive
  T73701019 Suction Switch
  TZZ90153 Carbon Brush
  T63701013 Bushing Assy.
  TZZ90156 Motor Front Cover
Fam No Part No Part name
Fan Drive    
FB10B 0001 T4113H052 Fan drive housing
FB10B 0001 T4113H058 Fan drive housing
FB10B 0010 T2314J014 Screw
FB10B 0025 T3115C021 Pulley
FB10B 0040 T64401021 Belt
FB10B 0040 T64401011 Belt
Fam No Part No Part name
Lubricating Oil Sump    
GB10A 0025 T738060002 Bridge piece
GB10A 0035 T2311D039 Screw
GB20A 0001 T73803400 Sump
GB20A 0043 T2431A016 Plug
GB20A 0052 T712030008 Plug
GB20A 0059 T2415715 O Ring
GB20A 0088 T3681M005 Joint
GB20A 0160 T2314H003 Screw
GB20A 0200 T2314H019 Screw
GB20A 0205 T2314H019 Screw
GB20A 0211 T2314H003 Screw
GB20F 0013 T3575K006 Suction pipe
GB20F 0025 T3683H005 Joint
GB20F 0034 T2314H004 Screw
GB20F 0053 T3645A004 Bracket
GB20F 0055 T2314H002 Screw
GB20F 0083 T2318A603 Nut
GB20F 0100 T2314H002 Screw
GB33V 0004 T3577A125A Dipstick Tube
GB33V 0022 T33812116 Olive
GB33V 0130 T3178C076A Dipstick
Fam No Part No Part name
Cylinder Head Cover    
HB10G 0001 T3681C001A Joint
HB10G 0006 T72505001 Cylinder Head Cover
HB10G 0008 T3781A003 Oil Filler Cover
HB10G 0009 T3381J002 Seal
HB10G 0040 T3274A003 Nut
HB10G 0041 T33121416 Joint
HB10G 0042 T0920009 Washer
HB10G 0043 T33817135 Seal Washer
HB10G 0044 T3687A508 Joint
HB10G 0181 T4133J001 Breather
HB15D 0362 T33881108D Breather Pipe
HB15D 0392 T0180066A Clip
HB15D 0443 T3573A006B Bracket
Fam No Part No Part name
Lubricating Oil Filter    
JB20C 0016 T74105021 Oil filter
JB20C 0064 T3687W006 Joint
JB20C 0079 T3773P173 Head, Lub oil filter
JB20C 0079 T4134E031 Head, Lub oil filter
JB20C 0106 T2314J003 Screw
JB20C 0107 T2313C077 Stud
JB20C 0108 T2318A604 Nut
JB20C 0296 T33554128A Connection
JB20M 0230 T3686A511 Joint
JB20M 0233 T2418F602 Seal
JB20M 0235 T75004281 Oil pipe
JB20M 0236 T75004282 Oil pipe
JB20M 0240 T2314H004 Screw
JB20M 0245 T3751K121 Flange
JB20M 0246 T2318A603 Nut
JB22H 0001 T2486A993 Oil cooler
JB22H 0337 T3688X008 Seal
JB22H 0338 T2486A990 Oil cooler housing
JB22H 0340 T3684N028 Joint
JB22H 0347 T2314H002 Screw
JB20L 0156 T3686T006A Joint
JB20L 0182 T3766P092 Connection
JB20L 0185 T2314J007 Screw
JB20L 0187 T2314J003 Screw
Fam No Part No Part name
Front End Drive Input    
KB10L 0013 T0500005 Woodruff key
KB10L 0019 T3115T043 Pulley
KB10L 0080 T3311X002 Spacer
KB10L 0083 T2417711 Clamp ring
KB10L 0086 T32418313 Thrust plate
KB10L 0089 T2415638 O Ring
KB10L 0092 T32186137 Screw
Fam No Part No Part name
Water Pump & Thermostat  
LB10E 0140 T3685R005A Joint
LB10E 0145 T3623K007 Plate
LB10E 0156 T2314H002 Screw
XB10E 0004 T2314J002 Screw
LB22C 0049 T4131E011C Water pump
  T2531A112 Shaft
  T2415B155 O Ring
  T3771D045 Body
  T2418M006A Seal
  T3382P004 Joint
  T3746X055A Impeller
  T3243C002 Cover
  T2314M033 Screw
  T3117A035 Gear
LB22C 0143 T2415H494 O Ring
LB22C 0145 T2314H015 Screw
LB22C 0176 T2314N043 Screw
LB22C 0177 T2314H006 Screw
LB22C 0178 T2314H008 Screw
LB22D 0007 T74405005 Thermostat
LB22D 0028 T3685F005 Joint
LB22D 0040 T3771K121E Thermostat housing
LB22D 0055 T2431154 Plug
LB22D 0124 T2314J013 Screw
LB22D 0136 T2314H015 Screw
LB22D 0160 T2314H008 Screw
LB22P 0092 T2431154 Plug
LB22P 0095 T3764E061 Connection
LB22P 0097 T3683N004 Joint
LB22P 0100 T2314H004 Screw
LB22P 0110 T33854114 Hose
LB22P 0112 T0180067A Clip
LD22P 0001 T3684A004 Joint
LD22P 0006 T3771K043 Water outlet
LD22P 0040 T2314H010 Screw
LD22P 0041 T2314H008 Screw
Fam No Part No Part name
Fan& Extension    
MD22B 0003 T74406009 Fan
MD22B 0003 T74406017 Fan
MD22B 0014 T2314H020 Screw
MD22B 0037 T3748W243 Extension
Fam No Part No Part name
Alternator & Generator    
ND24A 0004 T74501024 Alternator
  T64503054 Pulley
  T64505017 Carbon Brush
  T74501036-1 Adjuster
ND24A 0054 T2314H006 Screw
ND24A 0055 T2314H008 Screw
ND24A 0058 Q340B08 Nut
ND24A 0056 T0920497 Washer
ND24A 0060 Q40308 Washer
ND24A 0133 T2314J005 Screw
ND24A 0136 Q340B10 Nut
ND24A 0142 T2131A010 Washer
ND24A 0150 Q40310 Washer
ND24B 0016 T3827H025B Bracket
ND24B 0322 T3615X015 Adjusting lever
ND24B 0365 T2131A012 Washer
ND24B 0367 T2314J602 Screw
ND24C 0165 T2314H002 Screw
ND24C 0004 T3641P004D Bracket
ND24C 0021 T2314H013 Screw
ND24C 0127 T2314J003 Screw
Fam No Part No Part name
Gear Drive Auxiliary    
QD10T 0001 T72201007A Joint
QD10B 0002 T72201006 Cover
QD10T 0003 Q150B0820Q Screw
QD10T 0004 Q40308 Washer
QD10T 0096 GB97.1-85D8 Washer
QD10T 0098 T2313H321 Stud
QD10T 0100 T3254T001 Stud
QD10T 0102 T2318A605 Nut
Fam No Part No Part name
Induction & Exhaust System  
SB15A 0010 T3777U031 Inlet manifold
SB15A 0016 T3688C028 Joint
SB15A 0020 T2314J009 Screw
SB15A 0022 T2314J019 Screw
SB16A 0001 T2313M378 Stud
SB16A 0002 T2313M387A Stud
SB16A 0003 T2313M380A Stud
SB16A 0004 T2318A634 Nut
SB16A 0013 T3688C017 Joint
SB16A 0014 T36862191 Joint
SB16A 0016 T3778P051 Exhaust manifold
SB15E 0001 T3684N008 Joint
SB15E 0010 T3766P241 Inlet elbow
SB15E 0010 T3766T131A Inlet elbow
SB15E 0005 T2314J014 Screw
SB15E 0005 T2314J003 Screw
SB15E 0006 T2314J019 Screw
AF33G 0041 T2431131 lug
SB15F 0007 T0180070A Clip
SB15F 0004 T3383E008 Hose
Fam No Part No Part name
Induction & Exhaust System  
SB15C 0006 T3688A006 Joint
SB15C 0007 T2674A082 Turbocharger
SB15C 0007 T2674A059 Turbocharger
SB15C 0022 T2313M377A Stud
SB15C 0023 T2313M380A Stud
SB15C 0031 T2318A634A Nut
SB16D 0001 T2313M359 Stud
SB16D 0002 T2313M369 Stud
SB16D 0004 T2318A633 Nut
SB16D 0290 T33415509 Joint
SB16D 0024 T3767H091 Exhaust elbow
SB16D 0065 T3651K017 Bracket
SB16D 0085 T2314H002 Screw
SB16D 0109 T36136122 Connection
SB16D 0119 T3218H006 Screw
SB16D 0120 T2318A633 Nut
SB16D 0132 T3651H003 Bracket
SB16D 0133 T3218H006 Screw
SB16D 0134 T2318A633 Nut
SB16D 0138 T2314J002 Screw
SB16D 0139 T0920467 Washer
SD16D 0210 T2313F079 Stud
SD16D 0212 T2318A634 Nut
SD16D 0214 T33415356 Washer
SD16D 0215 T3743C001 Flange
SD16D 0216 T33427431 Connection
SD16D 0300 T74703040 Flange
SB20K 0152 T3571F016D Oil return pipe
SB20K 0100 T3683D006A Joint
SB20K 0118 T2314H003 Screw
SB20K 0136 T3383A024 Hose
SB20K 0139 T0180064A Clip
SB20K 0001 T3571C014 Oil return pipe
SB20K 0004 T36833152 Joint
SB20K 0007 T2314H003 Screw
SB20L 0305 T3583M007 Pipe(24V)
SB20L 0311 T36832138A Joint
SB20L 0323 T2314H004 Screw
SB20L 0343 T0206008 Connection
Fam No Part No Part name
Air Filter    
SD15B 0001 T74807009 Air clearer
SD15B 0008 T3621A007A Bracket
SD15B 0034 T74807101A Spacer
SD15B 0040 T74807207A Clip
SD15B 0041 T74807207B Clip
SD15B 0042 T74807209A Rubber pad
SD15B 0043 T2314J009 Screw
SD15B 0044 T2318A604 Nut
SD15B 0090 T2314J009 Screw
SD15B 0099 T2314H010 Screw
SD15B 0103 T2314J002 Screw
SD15E 0010 T3482E019A Hose
SD15E 0023 T2481909A Clip
SD15E 0011 T3423R014A Tube
SD15B 0018 T3382M003A Hose
SD15B 0016 T2481905A Clip
Fam No Part No Part name
Low pressure fuel system  
VB17A 0001 Q150B0820Q Screw
VB17A 0002 Q40308 Spring washer
VB17A 0004 T36856104A Joint
VB17A 0003 T63207003A Cover
Fam No Part No Part name
Low Pressure Fuel System  
VB17C 0001 T75004260 Fuel filter
VB17C 0010 T0650204 Screw plug
VB17C 0013 T73274309 Washer
VB17C 0037 T2314J006 Screw
VB17C 0070 T2318A604 Nut
VB17C 0221 T3818D013 Bracket
VB17C 0295 T2314J002 Screw
VB17K 0004 T4121C031E Oil pipe
VB17K 0005 T33811114 Olive
VB17L 0001 T733090008 Oil pipe
VB17L 0155 T73274309 Washer
VB17L 0156 T73201648 Screw
VB17M 0002 T73217028A Oil pipe
VB17M 0005 T33811114 Olive
VB17N 0118 T33225412 Nut
VB17N 0121 T33811112 Olive
VB17N 0148 T73217019 Connection
VB17N 0151 T0095344A Screw
VB17N 0154 T73208144 Washer
VB17N 0282 T63214200 Connection
VB17N 0283 T0576113 Nut
VB17N 0286 T0566004 Olive
Fam No Part No Part name
Cooling Start Aid set    
WD25A 0010 T2411162 Washer
WD25B 0010 T2666108A Preheating plug
WE25B 0004 T3381A002 Olive
WE25B 0005 T4124E022 Oil pipe
WE25B 0005 T4124E014 Oil pipe
WE25B 0008 T711070004 Nut
WE25B 0009 T714020004 Olive
Fam No Part No Part name
Engine Lifting    
XB31D 0001 T3621X007 Lifting eye
XB31D 0001 T72509001 Lifting eye
XB31D 0007 T2314J003 Screw
XB31E 0004 T3654W003 Lifting eye
XB31E 0004 T72509002 Lifting eye
XB31E 0010 T2314J003 Screw
Fam No Part No Part name
Throttle & Stop Controls    
ZA10A 0030 T75701018 Bracket
ZA10A 0040 T73201639 Pull rod
ZA10A 0041 M8-5-GB/T806 Nut
ZA10A 0042 Q5002514 Pin
ZA10A 0043 T2314H004 Screw
ZA10A 0044 T33134427 Block
ZA10A 0045 GB97.1-85D6 Washer
Fam No Part No Part name
Fuel Filter    
ZV17A 0001 T75004270 Fuel Filter
ZV17A 0002 T0650204 Plug
ZV17A 0003 T73274309 Washer
ZV17A 0004 T0571346 Nut
ZV17A 0006 T65005001 Oil pipe
ZV17A 0007 T0566004 Olive
Fam No Part No Part name
Lub.Oil Pressure Switch &Water temperature Sensor& Plug
ZL33Q 0025 T752030017 Sensor, water temp.
ZL33Q 0031 T2411157 Washer
ZM10A 0002 T32161114 Plug
ZM10A 0003 T32161114 Plug
ZJ33M 0079 T752030018 Lub. Oil Pressure sensor
Fam No Part No Part name
Radiator and Bracket    
ZM22A 0001 T856050003 Water tank
ZM22A 0040 T33546 Damper
ZM22A 0042 T2314J008 Washer
ZM22A 0043 T33124118 Washer
ZM22A 0046 T0920471 Washer
ZM22A 0048 T33115117 Washer
ZM22A 0049 T2311F055 Screw
ZM22A 0055 T2318A603 Nut
ZM22A 0100 T3828H006A Bracket
ZM22A 0101 T63903016 Pad
ZM22A 0102 Q150B1645Q Screw
ZM22A 0103 T0920009 Washer
ZM22A 0153 T3621X011 Bracket
ZM22A 0166 T33135115 Spacer
ZM22A 0183 T3651A004A Pull rod
ZM22A 0184 T2314H004 Screw
ZM22A 0186 T2318A603 Nut
ZM22A 0193 T3612T006B Pull rod
ZM22A 0196 T2314H003 Screw
ZM22A 0198 T2131A008 Washer
ZM22A 0205 T2634A115 Damper
ZM22A 0207 T2318A209 Nut
ZM22A 0208 T2131A010 Washer
ZM22A 0209 T2131A010 Washer
ZM22A 0373 T3482E017A Hose
ZM22A 0375 T0180070A Clip
ZM22A 0384 T3482E018B Hose
ZM22A 0387 T0180070A Clip
ZM22A 0505 T75603003 Protecting net
ZM22A 0505 T75603004 Protecting net
ZM22A 0508 T2314F003 Screw
ZM22A 0510 T0920026 Washer
ZM22P 0001 T2314K161 Screw
Fam No Part No Part name
Radiator and Bracket    
ZM22A 0001 T65622001A Water tank
ZM22A 0040 T33546 Damper
ZM22A 0060 T2314J008 Screw
ZM22A 0043 T33124118 Washer
ZM22A 0046 T0920471 Washer
ZM22A 0048 T33115117 Washer
ZM22A 0049 T2311F055 Screw
ZM22A 0055 T2318A603 Nut
ZM22A 0090 T3828H008A Bracket
ZM22A 00101 T63903016 Pad
ZM22A 0092 Q150B1645Q Screw
ZM22A 0094 T0920009 Washer
ZM22A 0150 T2314K161 Screw
ZM22A 0153 T3621X011 Bracket
ZM22A 0157 T3641V011A Pull rod
ZM22A 0160 T3641V012A Pull rod
ZM22A 0165 T2314H005 Nut Screw
ZM22A 0166 T33135115 Spacer
ZM22A 0171 T3612T004A Pull rod
ZM22A 0168 T2318A603 Nut
ZM22A 0196 T2314J001 Screw
ZM22A 0205 T2634A115 Washer
ZM22A 0207 T2318A209 Nut
ZM22A 0208 T2131A010 Washer
ZM22A 0209 T2131A010 Washer
ZM22A 0373 T3482E027A Hose
ZM22A 0375 T0180070A Clip
ZM22A 0384 T3482T017A Hose
ZM22A 0387 T0180070A Clip
ZM22A 0395 T757040007 Inlet pipe
ZM22A 0399 T3384M004 Hose
ZM22A 0402 T0180069A Clip
ZM22A 0406 T3384T002 Hose
ZM22A 0410 T2481908A Clip
ZM22A 0415 T3475X013A Outlet pipe
ZM22A 0418 T3384M003 Hose
ZM22A 0420 T2481905A Clip
ZM22A 0424 T3384T002 Hose
ZM22A 0426 T2481908A Clip
ZM22A 0504 T75603005 Protecting net
ZM22A 0505 T75603006 Protecting net
ZM22A 0508 T2314F003 Screw
ZM22A 0510 T0920026 Washer
Fam No Part No Part name
Joints & Gaskets-Top Service Kit  
TU5LT0179   Joint-Top Kit
  T72505009 Gasket
  T3681C001A Cyl. Head Cover Joint
  T3685R005A Cyl.Head Rear Cover Plate
  T3685F005A Rind Joint
  T3684N008 Induction elbow Joint
  T3688C017 Exhaust manifold Joint
  T36862191 Exhaust manifold Joint
Fam No Part No Part name
Joints & Gaskets-Bottom Service Kit  
TU5LBO160   Bottom Service Kit
  T3681M005 Sump Joint
  T3681P009 Timing Case Joint
  T3681P029 Front Cover Joint
  T3682H003A Inspection Cover Joint
  T3687W006 Head,Lub.oil filter Joint
  T33828118A Fuel Pump Joint
  T36856104A Lift Pump Joint
  T3688X008 Joint
  T3686A511A Lub.Oil Pipe Joint
  T3684N028 Oil Cooler Cover Joint
  T3683H005A Suction Pipe Flange Joint
  T3686T006A Head,Lub.oil filter Joint
  T3688C028 Induction manifold Joint
  T3688A006 Joint
  T33415509 Joint
  T36832138A Joint
  T3683D006 Joint
  T36833152 Joint