2996573 Piston ring Iveco cursor9
2996578 Con. Rod Bearing(red) Iveco cursor9
2996579 Con. Rod Bearing(green) Iveco cursor9
2996580 Con. Rod Bearing(Yellow) Iveco cursor9
2996589 Main bearing(red) Iveco cursor9
500054817 Piston Iveco cursor9
503645967 air filter Iveco cursor9
503647644 rear oil seal Iveco cursor9
504030843 Exhaust manifold Iveco cursor9
504121925 Front steering knuckle right Iveco cursor9
504121928 Front steering knuckle left Iveco cursor9
504124654 second idler Iveco cursor9
504128649 washer 0.1mm Iveco cursor9
504128650 washer 0.12mm Iveco cursor9
504128651 washer 0.14mm Iveco cursor9
504128706 connecting rod Iveco cursor9
504128849 crankshaft Iveco cursor9
504131225 oil pump Iveco cursor9
504154202 Exhaust manifold gasket Iveco cursor9
504130644 fuel pump gear Iveco cursor9
504326209 camshaft Iveco cursor9
504378920 timing disk Iveco cursor9
504385205 camshaft gear Iveco cursor9
5801290814 air compressor Iveco cursor9
504189213 Rocker shaft Iveco cursor9
5801314202 gearbox Iveco cursor9
5801327559 Tensioner Iveco cursor9
5801387364 front oil seal Iveco cursor9
5801395948 flywheel Iveco cursor9
5801398771 O ring Iveco cursor9
5801398772 O ring Iveco cursor9
5801399058 engine support right Iveco cursor9
5801399059 engine support left Iveco cursor9
5801399062 engine support rear Iveco cursor9
5801402100 inlet valve Iveco cursor9
5801402101 outlet valve Iveco cursor9
5801402882 Crankshaft belt pulley Iveco cursor9
5801405316 cylinder block Iveco cursor9
5801405432 cylinder head Iveco cursor9
5801405434 cylinder head cover Iveco cursor9
5801655187 starter Iveco cursor9
500375996 turbocharger Iveco cursor9


                           CURSOR 9 CNG engine: Plates potential competitors
       Fiat Powertrain Technologies (FPT Industrial) Industrial Group is a subsidiary of New Holland, the power to focus on truth and non-road vehicles, boats and engines used assembly design, production and sales. The company has 10 plants and six research and development centers worldwide. Sales network covering more than 100 countries, including 93 of about 900 dealers and service stations. It has a rich product line, including 5 family provides 31 to 740KW engine power and reverse transmission at 200 to 500Nm.
State V emission standard practice
CURSOR 9 CNG engine is Fiat Powertrain Technologies recently introduced the latest high-quality products, and its power of 400 hp and maximum torsional 1700Nm, compared with most competitors' products, power increased by 17%, the maximum torsional increased by 6%.
All along, the Fiat Powertrain Technologies CNG engine reliability, economy, cleanliness of customers around the world praise and appreciation. Today CURSOR 9 CNG engines, on higher performance, lower fuel consumption and lower emissions performance stunning engine market. State V emission standard practice it is the only meet the Euro VI emission standards for the third phase of the solution.
2016 new listing CURSOR 9 CNG engines, Fiat Powertrain Technologies demonstrated once again the strength of the mechanical heart. CURSOR 9 CNG engine to provide customers with market-leading strong power and torque, is the most effective to meet the Euro VI standard and more environmentally friendly low-carbon energy solutions.
Carbon dioxide emissions close to zero
New CURSOR 9 CNG is the use of existing mature technology, using catalytic converters as a post-processing solution that will upgrade CURSOR 9 diesel engine was developed. The device consists of a compact catalyst composition is attached to the end of the exhaust pipe, it may be 95% of the toxic gas is converted to harmless materials, coupled with the CNG combustion produces toxic emissions than other fossil fuels have less more noise, the cost is relatively low, therefore, CURSOR 9 CNG States is the highest emission standards under the most environmentally friendly and most economical engines.

CURSOR 9 CNG parameters
Architecture                                 inline six-cylinder engine
intake                                         Turbocharged     air
Spray                                     chemical equivalent of multi-point injection
Number of valves per cylinder                      4
Displacement (L)                                        8.7
Bore (mm)                                                 117
Stroke (mm)                                               135
Power Range(hp(kw))                 300-400(221-294)/2000r/min
Reverse range(nm)                       1300-1700/1200r/min
Oil pitch(km)                                     70000
Weight(kg)                                          870
Dimensions (mm) length/ width/ height         2300/1105/1600



                              CURSOR 9 CNG ENGINE

    Fiat Power Technology has developed a new Cursor9 CNG engine. It is based on the best-in-class Cursor 9 diesel engine architecture developed to provide customers with market-leading strong power and torque.
The Cursor 9 CNG engine delivers up to 300kw at 2000r / min and up to 1700Nm at 1200r / min, delivering superior performance while delivering significantly less emissions than the Euro VI standard.
The Cursor 9 CNG engine utilizes equivalent ratio combustion technology to generate power. Since 1995, Fiat Powertrain began to develop innovative CNG solutions for industrial applications, the equivalent ratio of combustion technology has become the company's core technology, it is currently the only meet Euro VI standards and both feasible and low-cost solutions.
The Cursor 9 CNG engine does not require exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) or selective catalytic reduction (SCR) to meet Euro VI standards. It requires only a simple three-way catalytic device. This is a compact catalytic converter at the end of an exhaust pipe with an alternative construction surface coated with three noble metals, where platinum and palladium convert CO and hydrocarbons to carbon dioxide and water, and rhodium combines nitrogen oxides Into N2.
The Cursor 9 CNG engien replaces the 7.8LCursor 8 CNG engine with greater displacement and is equipped with a new multi-point fuel injection machine and a new fuel rail that can deliver higher flow rates. In addition, a modified cylinder head with a large swivel angle air intake provides the Cursor 9 CNG engine with a leading-edge low fuel consumption.
Compared with the Cursor 9 diesel engine, the new engine has a low nickel cast iron exhaust manifold and water cooled exhaust gas bypass turbocharger, which greatly improves the reliability. In addition, the new piston ring to the fuel supply interval than the CURSOR 8 more than 17%, so that the new engine regular maintenance costs to the lowest level.
In order to improve driver comfort and improve the performance of the final product, Cursor 9 CNG engine can also be used with automatic transmission, which for heavy-duty alternative to heavy-duty engines, unprecedented. It is worth mentioning that, equipped with a new engine truck noise is lower than ordinary vacuum cleaners, the use of noise in the city less than 72DB.