Main parameters of sightseeing train
Sightseeing Train Model YQHC-20 YQHC-30I YQHC-60I YQHC-80I
Engine SOFIM Diesel Engine
Gearbox IVECO Gearbox(Aluminum alloy)
Tractor Size (L,W,H)mm 3950×1600×2110 4030×1750×2360 3950×1600×2110 4030×1750×2360
Cab Tractor 2 Seats 2 Seaats 2 Seats 2 Seats
Carriage Size (L,W,H)mm 3950×1700×2380 5350×1850×2450 3950×1700×2380 5350×1850×2450
Carriage Seating 4*5=20 Seats 4*7=28 Seaats 4*5=20 Seats 4*7=28 Seats
Formation Tractor+Two carriages Tractor+Two carriages Tractor+Three carriages Tractor+Three carriages
Overall Size (L,W,H)mm 13750*1750*2110 17030*1900*2450 18800*1750*2380 23680*1900*2450
Total Passenger Capacity 40+2 people 56+2 people 60+2 people 84+2 people
Curb weight(kg) 4500 5500 5500 7000
Maximum Speed(full) 25 km/h
Maximum climbing degree(full) 15%
Stopping Distances ≤5.5 m
Turning radius ≥7.5 m
Brake System air-oil brake system
Steering System Accurate tracking and steering device for whole vehicle with trapezoidal structure,power-steering
Traction System Seamless Traction Device
Engine key parameters SOFIM Diesel Engine
Engine Model SOFIM 8140.43S4 SOFIM 8140.43S5 SOFIM 8140.43D5 SOFIM 8142.43S4/S5
Emission Level EuroⅣ EuroⅤ EuroⅤ EuroⅣ/Ⅴ
Max Power 95kw/3600rpm 95kw/3200rpm 92kw/3000rpm 95kw/3200rpm
Max Torque 290Nm/1800rpm 300Nm/1800rpm 320Nm/1600rpm 300Nm/1800rpm
Type Four-Stroke,Direct injection,Water Cooling
Electronic Control High Pressure Common Rail
Displacement 2.798 L


                                           Come on ride sightseeing train


By the sightseeing train,the perfect trip for your family and friends.Take them to Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum scenic spot or sightseeing to Ming xiaoling mausoleum.You can enjoy the beautiful view of Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum scenic spot from season to season while you take sightseeing train.Prepare a surprise for your guests and take them by the sightseeing train from the company to the restaurant .The train can be decorated according your needs. During the trip you will get interesting information about the city from our great guides.sightseeing train




With the rapid development of city, speed up the economic growth, people's life faster and faster, with aggravated the growth of the floating population, more and more buildings of the city, the area of the building is more and more big, the sightseeing small train can take you through between the various buildings.By the sightseeing train company, experienced professionals make all arrangements for transportation, hotels, sightseeing, and meals. Skilled by the sightseeing train Tour Directors are with you throughout your trip to handle all details and the hassles of travel, allowing you to have a fun-filled and carefree vacationYou'll also enjoy the camaraderie of interesting people from all over the world who share your enthusiasm for travel.You'll have as much fun getting where you're going as you do when you get there!

sightseeing train new


                                         Choose from good to good choices
      Always put the quality of accessories and machine quality and diesel engine in the first place Jiangsu sunlord business network, also hope that through the independent maintenance plant to provide high-quality original parts, to help gain more good reputation.
Shopping malls such as the battlefield, always pay attention to favorable factors. And now, the rapid development of the business community, the convenient flow of resources, so that "favorable climatic " and "geographical" in business war has become almost no gap, "human conditions" in a more modern form, selection and judgments , Is one of the important part.
Opportunities and Challenges In every change in the choice of unknown, business leaders on the billions of dollars in business, I believe that thousands of business people are also engaged in general as the daily procurement of choice, then, whether such a problem is not worth the effort consider? Perhaps the problem should be returned to the original concept - buy and sell.
"Quality is the best guarantee of customer loyalty." Losing a customer means losing everything. When the return to buy and sell, sellers and buyers of the relationship, the quality of goods is to simple, but to an effective magic weapon. From the choice of procurement of goods of good quality began, is to make a good choice, the customer's good reputation has always been the eternal gold paint signs.
This point, pay attention to safety, quality-oriented auto parts industry is very obvious. Always put the quality of accessories and machine quality in the first place Jiangsu business network, also hope that through the independent maintenance plant to provide high-quality original parts, to help gain more good reputation.
Time costs and quality will be taken into account. Jiangsu sunlord to provide high-quality network of accessories and machine, in the harsh manufacturing standards have a longer life, better performance, you can order online, while supporting WeChat, telephone and other contacts. The world's strong logistics network, providing cost-effective rapid distribution program. Feasible way is more than one, and Jiangsu to select a simple business network to follow the beginning of the road, do need to adhere to the high quality as the starting point, in order to bring you a good choice.
If you want to know more Jiangsu sunlord network accessories and machine information and spare parts, but also with the November 30 to December 3 2016, at the Shanghai International Auto Parts, maintenance, diagnostic and service supplies exhibition (4.2E10), on-site Learn more about new options.


                                                       Reading auto parts is a journey

     To say come away trip, do not need any reason.To bring their favorite books and the person I love a vibrant and unknown journey.Please ahead of time before the trip maintenance of auto parts, auto parts quality relates to the safety of the car, spare parts and car is closely linked.More than 130 years, great changes have taken place in the social role of car.Today, the car has not just a simple means of transportation, it has deeply into people's life and work.sunlord founder in 1999 in Nanjing,China,specialized in the market of diesel engine and spare parts and has been granted good reputations from customers.We have our own R&D department,can develop various kinds of engine parts according to customers requirements.Since 2007,we became the OEM supplier of licensed Massey-Ferguson tractor manufacturer,and developed many tractor parts for MF tractor,such as cylinder block,cylinder head,crankshaft,piston,alternator,cylinder liner,fuel pump,gasket,oil pump,piston ring,starter,turbocharger,CON ROD etc.

    We aim to become your trusted advisor.Contact us and let us take the responsibility of providing a solution that meets your need.


               When the car encounters green technology, automotive parts encounters Jiangsu Sunlord

    In recent years, ultra-running brands are invariably introduced a new energy vehicles.Unplugged mingled from a weak start after the hybrid in the pure electric car prices are established along the route step by step by step to go down. However, unlike traditional brand launched green technology to reduce the fuel consumption of the main demands of the difference is that those industry giants will green technology to accelerate the car started as the refresh performance of the weapon, in battery-powered assistant, their speed faster.

   Transport vehicles as now, and everyone lives are closely linked, when you want to buy diesel engine and spare parts, please remember that when looking Jiangsu Sunlord, Jiangsu Sunlord will provide you with all aspects of auto parts, like you needed for your use. Now the new energy has been involved in the automotive industry, diesel engine 100% guaranteed quality Sunlord provided.

   We do not produce water, but the nature of the porter. We do not assemble cars, but we provide the best quality auto parts and diesel engine. We are the best auto parts suppliers to give you a strong advantage in the automotive after-market, and ensure the maintenance of this car.


           Abandon "tradition", embrace the Internet, overseas auto parts warehouse
    With the rapid development of intelligence and the Internet, whether it is the traditional automobile manufacturers, or the emerging Internet companies, the future development of the car, have been working hard in the direction of the sci-fi movie plot. The world are accelerating the development of automatic driving cars, new challenges continue to emerge, the traditional automobile manufacturers go from here.

    And we, as automotive parts supplier, but also into the future positioning of travel products and services provider. To this end, we are and Amazon negotiations, to establish overseas warehouse, to shorten the period of customer goods. Height determines the value. We, as well as diesel engines, auto parts trading company, as customers for the God, we will use our high quality and high quality services to provide you with the necessary products for you.

   Internet car is a milestone release, from the Internet following the PC, mobile phones, cars and more of this important new member of this depot, owners and society as a whole are of great significance.


                                                 After-market autoparts

    With the prosperity of the domestic auto market, a huge amount of car ownership has brought a wide range of demand, market consolidation after the market is actually the process of establishing business credit system, for China's auto market after injection endless vitality and business opportunities. And we as a trading company is connected upstream and downstream of the terminal repair shop. Our values reflected in the flow of parts and service. Car spare parts up to 20 000, each replacement car models, the corresponding part numbers are different, and increasing car ownership, the attendant is the number of auto parts into fold surge. Thus, during distribution accessories in the face of such a huge flow of information, our company K3 system a good solution to this one problem.

      we have to "applicable to products, the timely service, the price is suitable, a leading market the first",we will uphold the ideal combination of personal and social responsibility, combined with high quality and value-added services as part of our company's purpose.


                       To the future of car sharing, auto parts innovation
      Shared economic tide seemed intensified, it is gradually penetrated into every corner of our lives. The nature of sharing the word economy but“weakened "emphasize “the use of ownership rights”, whether the resources or skills, because “privatization” had not been able to take full advantage of, and now get a broader value.
     Car-sharing is now shared economy can be described as success stories. Lower travel costs, a good user experience, coupled with increasingly sophisticated in recent years, mobile Internet and payment features that make car sharing this way to travel become the current trend.
    Currently, there are three major domestic and foreign car-sharing modes:
    The first is the traditional car rental companies, etc, including the gradual rise of P2P car rental business.
    The second is represented by UBER car model by exclusive chauffeur-driven vehicles for the transport service user, the user experience simple and convenient payments.
    The third is represented CAR2GO timeshare rental model, consumers can be scheduled according to their individual needs and car rental vehicles the number of hours of time.
    Car sharing will change the way people travel, so that the ownership and use of cars separated, and ultimately change the eco-city traffic. Car sharing impact on the automotive industry is still difficult to estimate, but with the sharp increase in travel efficiency of conventional cars sales is bound to be affected. In this regard, we, as automotive parts supplier, pay close attention to strict quality control, quality is our life, to ensure the quality of the premise, Our newest product sightseeing train, ride comfort, economy and environmental protection, it is the first choice of the major tourist attractions,we have began to put more energy into service areas.
    Shared not only in the economic reconstruction of a new business model, but also to reshape the relationship between people, because of the shared economy, maintain interpersonal relationships is trust rather than monetary. Let's responsibility to return to human society, this is the magic of shared economy.


Screw bolt connection quality is an important part of the quality of vehicle

    Transport vehicles as now, and everyone lives are closely linked, and staged car accidents every day but people touch startling that many of them are caused by bolting quality issues. For OEMs themselves, tighten quality defects is an important part of the cost of auto defect, serious defect batch tightening will result in large-scale recall. (As a result of the Toyota VVT apparatus bolt problem in the United States recalled more than 100,000 vehicles). Therefore,screw bolted to vehicle safety performance is very important.
    There are more than ten thousand parts on a vehicle, the most part rely on fixed connections and screw bolts. Depending on the importance of the part where the caudal and play capabilities for bolted these parts are different. Our company supplies screw bolts to the customer to ensure that products manufactured 100 percent qualified connection strength. Such as 2233022 PERKING 4.41 MF375/MF385,we became the OEM supplier of licensed Massey-Ferguson tractor manufacturer.


                                 To achieve low-cost auto parts innovation

     In the energy saving, intelligent networking trends driven by the automotive industry is facing a new round of innovation and upgrading. Whether OEM or supplier must increase innovation and investment for auto parts suppliers, through technological innovation to help customer response to industry challenges and meet market demand, while reducing costs is a key element of its innovation. a win green future and enjoying the Internet are two driving direction of innovation, including a win green future relates lightweight technology, biological materials, energy recovery and air quality. enjoying the Internet is driving the current intelligent network, autopilot technology-related, to build future-oriented driving experience.
    And we, as automotive parts supplier, pay close attention to product quality and good after-sale maintenance services. There has to smell, industry specializing in surgery. If you have any auto parts needs, please remember to contact us, we will use high-quality service to meet your needs. our diesel engine and the machine can be supplied, there is a sightseeing train, our advantage in product quality and service quality are clearance.


                                        diesel engines
          Inlet process
When the raised portion of the cam turn over, under spring force action, the downward movement of the plunger, the plunger upper space (called the pumping chamber) to produce vacuum, when the end face of the plunger into the plunger sleeve after the hole is opened, filled with the oil passage in the upper body pump diesel pump oil through the hole into the chamber, the plunger transported to the bottom dead center, just ended.
When the camshaft to the cam roller from the top portion of the projection body, the plunger spring is compressed, the plunger upward movement, fuel pressure, part of the fuel injection pump flow back into the hole through the upper body oil chamber when the plunger top surface cover sleeve motivated hole when the upper edge, since the gap between the plunger and the sleeve with a small (0.0015-0.0025mm) oil pump plunger at the top of the chamber into a sealed oil chamber, the plunger continues to rise, the pump hydraulic oil chamber increased rapidly, pumping pressure>valve spring force + high-pressure tubing residual pressure, open the delivery valve, high pressure diesel fuel through a valve into the high pressure tubing through the injector into the combustion chamber.

        oil return
plunger upward oil, when up to the chute (stop for the edge) on the plunger and the sleeve on the back hole figured Low oil pump oil chamber to facilitate the plunger head in the hole and radial hole and chute communication, oil pressure suddenly dropped, the oil quickly close the valve and stop the oil under the force of the spring, after which the plunger also upstream, when the raised portion of the cam turn in the past, under the action of the spring, and the plunger down, this time began the next cycle.


                          The world's first driverless taxi hit the road in Singapore!

      The world's first driverless taxi hit the road in Singapore! Since yesterday, invited users can call nu Tonomy driverless taxi smartphone to use for free. Associated Press reported that the business will be on a small scale trial, only six cars currently operating in the range of about 6.5 kilometers Harbour One Technology City, and up and down the place, there are strict regulations. 6 This car is a modified Renault zoe and Mitsubishi iMiEV electric car, the car with the driver in case of an emergency, a researcher in charge of the back seat as well as the observation car dashboard. NUTONOMY company officials said dozens of people involved in the current test ride event is expected to increase to thousands of people a few months later, when the end of the year, the operator of the vehicle will increase to dozens of cars.
CEO Carl. Yanie Ma said that the testing process will be uncertain for how long, but until the time of formal operation, the number of stations up and down the large increase in passengers for a fee. Chief Operating Officer Doug. Parker said the taxi driver can automatically reduce the number of the streets of Singapore, from 900,000 to 300,000, thus changing the pattern of the entire city.
With more and more number of driverless taxis, which will inevitably lead to the requirements of automotive parts suppliers and vehicle manufacturers strictly control product quality, standardize the market order, making the unmanned taxi can give people bring travel more and more convenient. Our company as a supplier of automotive parts, and strictly control the quality of products and services, we will use our practical actions to safeguard our environment.


                             Endless rows expedition

     In October has arrived, if you're a driving enthusiast, you may not want to stay comfortable at home, but going outside to toss some. Whether domestic or foreign, do not hesitate, we must wayward younger! He drove his car, and we work together to stay away once the tour! With the advent of the National Day holiday, let us prepare luggage, open journey, walking the Quartet. For a car, the engine is the most important, it is like the human heart as the heart of the young and dynamic, will run up as young lads motivated. And our company as a supplier of automotive parts, will provide what you need each car spare parts for your car. Especially in the higher frequency of eight kinds of replacement parts / wearing parts, such as batteries, tires, oil, filters, brake pads, maintenance supplies (cleaning agents, protective agent), lighting (bulbs, brake lights, etc. ), brush water heater. Do not hesitate, there is a need to feel free to contact us and we will help you solve the problem encountered in your car. Progress is attention to detail. From the engine to the gearbox and chassis, a detailed analysis of our engineering machine every detail of automotive systems. By working closely with vehicle manufacturers, we do everything, today's primary goal is to enhance the car's performance, safety and economy.


                                               Driving demand for new Internet era
      Today, more and more consumers began to pursue the car driving experience, and continually higher demands. Especially with the advent of the Internet era cars, the car used in the growing number of smart technology, the experience of the car put forward new demands. Around the "security" and "comfortable", "easy" upgrade several major elements of the car driving environment, the Internet, driving safety, infotainment and other aspects of the future "car experience" trend.
From the point of view of comfort and convenience, future needs are: consumer electronics user interface is updated in the car, closely integrated with the customer's smart devices, and data sharing; embedded modem or smartphone and car network, multi-screen video to see through the vehicle between different regions; the development of integrated information will become increasingly powerful and able to navigate, drive, telephone, SMS and other information all integrated display system rise. In terms of security, many ADAS functions will be standardized, especially the blind spot detection, driver fatigue warning, the road ahead issues cloud data, lane departure warning and so on.
With driver assistance systems and the use of autopilot technology, human-machine interface more environmental information needs to interact with the driver of human-computer interaction is also put forward a new request. Overall, HMI design is showing a new design trends, how intelligent and intuitive way of information display, is one of the key elements of HMI design. The buttons, voice recognition, touch screen, HUD, gesture recognition and other organic integration of technology, the industry is exploring topics, including car remote software update (OTA) capabilities. Design concepts from consumer electronics will be more use to the car, the car will control the way a mechanical failure of the operation buttons, touch-sensitive buttons, gesture recognition interaction cars will be more and more use of it.
Cars with the Internet increasingly closely integrated, making the car more functional, but can not expand these functions in order to reduce the expense of safety. Functional safety and security issues related to data security, the security features required to ensure the safe use of the software to be shipped, data security is required to ensure that vehicles from viruses and hacker attacks. Safety is a key determinant driving experience, the future if the security issue further breakthroughs in technology, consumers will enjoy the true meaning of "intelligent driving."

     SUNLORD as automotive parts and spare parts supplier, our product quality and service guaranteed, you can choose us, we will achieve a win-win situation.We aim to become your trusted advisor.


                          Tesla lessons learned from the event
       Recently, the US Department of Transportation Highway Traffic Safety Administration of the Tesla electric car accident occurred launch a new investigation. Tesla two-month period since the third accident the autopilot function: May 7, 2016, the driver driving the car is the Tesla Model S autopilot mode, left with a large truck with hit, but the car did not the emergency brake, causing the driver died on the spot; July 1, the model hit the road divider when Tesla Model X SUV driving on the highway, but rebounded to the other side of the road concrete center divider, and the occurrence of 180. Rollover, but fortunately the accident caused no casualties; July 9, a Tesla Model X after activation with Autopilot mode, the vehicle suddenly turn right and crashed into the guardrail, the driver and passenger were not injured, but the vehicle, It was heavily damaged.
Some people may ask, Tesla's autopilot still safe? According to current information and media coverage, in strict compliance with official guidelines, unmanned Tesla is safe; however, the guidelines can easily be ignored. Autopilot literally translated as automatic cruise, can be called a phase autopilot function, but a far cry from the unmanned mode. At present, no matter under what circumstances, the official Tesla prompt is: when you turn the autopilot mode, you still need to keep both hands on the steering wheel. More central point stated that it was not liable for the Tesla vehicle accident occurred when Autopilot, the driver is still the first person in charge of the car.
Automotive industry should learn an important lesson that provider services and functions must be "correctly" to the driver and to inform the market, making it a thorough understanding of the new features, which features can be implemented and to what extent, what function has not been achieved, otherwise there may occur a similar fatal accident. How to make a proper understanding of future market drivers and the car is equipped with a variety of automation and autopilot function, which is the primary subject of the automotive industry in the development of automated driving face.


                                   Micro-off products market evolutionary trends
               With the increase in consumer income, improve living standards and the development of the automobile industry, the automotive market for micro-off products in appearance, power, comfort, handling, safety and quality of other aspects of the evolution of requirements. Since 2009, China for seven consecutive years to become the world's largest car producer and largest auto market. In order to reduce fossil energy demand, environmental pollution, economic restructuring, technology gap with Western and Japanese automakers, electric vehicles and energy saving as the representative of the automobile industry, became seven strategic national "1025" period focus on the development of new one industry. 2014, "the State Council on Accelerating the guidance of new energy vehicles to promote the" made in pure electric driving force as the main strategic orientation of new energy vehicles, public service vehicles to promote new energy vehicles as a breakthrough application. Micro-off is mounted on a motorized refers to the traditional micro-off, micro-passenger MPV minivan and SUV product platform EIC system for electric transformation (Electric Vehicle), mainly used in electric vehicles logistics market. Logistics electric car has low carbon, environmental protection, low noise characteristics, can effectively reduce the cost and maintenance costs. Logistics electric car has a driving range of 150-200km, meet most of the logistics, express delivery, postal and other industries operational requirements. Electric car logistics enjoy dual state and local subsidies, exempt from purchase tax, licensing, and other incentives Any Any row, favored by the logistics and express companies, express delivery companies will be the most complete "the last kilometer," the main mode of transport, the prospects broad.
The future, with the further deepening the country's new energy strategy and the "Internet +" strategy, motorized micro-off will be further assured the development of intelligent, connected, lightweight, and born with exclusive electric platform featuring a new design and development electric vehicle product logistics.


                                                Smart network is the future trend of car development
     Recently, the first Shanghai International Vehicle Networking Seminar ( MMC2016), jointly organized by the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Shanghai Branch, the International Cooperation Department of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the China Intelligent Transportation Association and the International Cooperation Bureau of the Chinese Academy of Sciences jointly organized the theme of "Innovation and Technology", The third APEC car networking seminar in Shanghai New International Expo Center successfully held。
Full layout of the automatic driving ecology
The rapid development and commercialization of the advanced driving assistance system ADAS technology has helped the vehicle to realize some automatic driving functions, such as the adaptive cruise system can liberate the driver's feet, do not step on the accelerator pedal and brake pedal, the car automatically trailing Before the car driving. In addition to collision avoidance or pre-collision systems, night vision systems, adaptive lighting systems, pedestrian protection systems, driver fatigue detection, blind spot detection and other functions, has gradually replaced the driver's operating functions of the car. Unmanned vehicles become the standard for future vehicles, there will be manned and unmanned driving mode. The driver can achieve high-speed car in-car computer office, open video conference call, enjoy the film or close your eyes and rest. With the full development of automatic vehicle driving, the future car will become the third category of human living space. Baidu wisdom car general manager Yuan Xing at the meeting published the theme "based on the future map of intelligent car ecology" speech, elaborated Baidu wisdom automobile latest ecology and product dynamics. He said in his speech, relying on the leading map data and map technology architecture, artificial intelligence as the core, Baidu wisdom car will provide users with a more excellent driving experience. In addition, Baidu intelligent vehicle also covers the wisdom of services, through massive data analysis to help depot and third-party system suppliers insight into the characteristics of each owner, and targeted, and constantly optimize vehicle performance and follow-up services, improve travel Integrated chain services. Smart cars will become the next smart phone can not be missed after the mobile terminal。


                                                  "Jiangsu sunlord electronics & machinery co.,ltd" customer-centric
       In recent years, the development of the automotive industry can be described as leaps and bounds, in the powertrain system, energy saving and active safety, and so has made full progress, new technologies emerge in an endless stream. The emergence of these new technologies is bound to the quality of automotive parts and components put forward higher requirements. In order to meet these requirements, we are committed to continuously improve and enhance the accuracy of our products, and always maintain with customers to develop new products, increasing product life and stability. At the same time, through the effective improvement of each production process to achieve cost reduction efficiency, but also let us in the global market in a very competitive position. Our company is based on the technology of excellence, find problems and find solutions to improve product quality and reduce costs, so that customers can save part of the expenditure.
    The plants we work with are 100% controlled for the design and construction of raw materials, engineering, molds, coiling and stamping processes, heat treatment, finishing and maintenance. This integration of major processes gives us good control over quality, lead times and final costs. With the continuous development of the automotive industry, auto parts industry is also constant innovation in the steady progress, how to achieve the lightweight and environmentally friendly car industry has become a hot topic of concern. According to statistics, the typical car's various components in the use of more than 200 buckles. In order to achieve the ultimate goal of lightweighting and cost reduction. For example, beveled and bent buckles reduce the noise and vibration of air compressors, turbochargers and ignition switches; use standard inner and outer rings on the brakes, power steering gears and transmissions; in airbags and door locks Applications Self-locking rings that do not need to be installed in a slot.


                                      Analysis of Vehicle Anti - rear - end Alarm System
          With the development of the automobile industry, the automobile driving speed is faster and faster, the road traffic accident has become a worldwide social problem. Collision is the main form of traffic accidents, mostly car - car collision and man - car collision.
Analysis of road traffic accidents shows that more than 80% of the accidents are caused by the driver's inability to respond in time. More than 65% of the vehicle collisions are in collision. Mercedes-Benz research on various types of traffic accidents shows that: if the driver can improve the 1s aware of the risk of accidents and take appropriate corrective measures, the vast majority of traffic accidents will be avoided. Therefore, it is very important to study the vehicle anti-rear-end pre-alarm system to improve vehicle driving safety.
Research Status Quo at Home and Abroad
Foreign Research Status
The international research on the collision detection system of expressway rear-end is mainly represented by Germany, the United States and Japan. Since the 20th century, 70 years, Japan was the first car crash system. Japan's SMARTWAY program (Intelligent Road Planning), proposed to take on the vehicle such as lane maintenance, cross-road crash, pedestrian avoidance and distance maintenance and other intelligent vehicle technology. In the 1990s, the Ministry of Transport of Japan led the development of the first phase (1991-1995) of the so-called "Advanced Safety Vehicle" (ASV-Advanced Safety Vehicle). A total of more than 40 R & D projects are planned for passenger cars, covering four areas: prevention of safety technology, accident avoidance technology, collision safety technology and prevention of post-crash disaster expansion technologies. At the Japan ASV Research Conference held in March 1996, nine Japanese auto companies exhibited a total of 19 samples, which attracted great attention from the society. The safety devices that have been put into use include the collision avoidance alarm system.
In Germany's latest Mercedes-Benz 600 S-class sedan, installed from the automatic control radar, 40-60km / h can automatically adjust the speed range, but also according to the speed to determine the distance with the vehicle in front. Once too close to the vehicle in front, the car will automatically slow down to avoid rear-end collision. However, due to the high prices of these new technologies, the experts estimate that the next 5-10 years, these advanced equipment is difficult to enter the popular car. US research situation roughly the same with Germany, subject to price factors, not put into high-volume applications.
Current domestic research
China's auto anti-tailing is relatively slow progress in recent years, there have been domestic tire pressure detection, car rear-end detection device and anti-tail light rear-end device such as R & D and production, but some of these devices only to solve the car hardware failure Although some devices, such as issuing warning information, etc., for the driver in emergency situations to provide emergency measures to provide conditions, but are largely ignored the impact of human factors on the rear-end accident, in addition to this accident caused by the rear-end accidents, Class devices also hinder the higher cost of production and promotion.
With the increasing number of vehicles, a variety of traffic safety problems and accidents emerge in an endless stream, as an important factor restricting the development of transport.
From the car in the process of running the fault is random, in the event of such a situation, other cars do not understand the situation, may occur car and car collision. The emergence of rear-end alarm system for reducing or avoiding the occurrence of such a situation has great practical significance. The system can be more effective in excluding the traffic environment and the driver of the individual subjective factors such as the impact of reducing traffic accidents, especially the highway car rear-end accident has a very positive significance, is the modern automotive technology in the initiative safety again Significant applications.


                     AMTS 2016 gave birth to the "smart" upgrade in the automotive industry
     The progress of industrial automation technology for the automobile industry by leaps and bounds provides an important support. As the automotive industry for production capacity, technology, product cycle and information management and other aspects of the high demand for industrial automation equipment investment and the field of new technologies, new products and new trends are also higher than many other manufacturing industries .
Nowadays, the concept of "Industrial 4.0" and "Made in China 2025" is fast growing. In 2016, these concepts have gradually become a reality. In some of the first-line automotive applications, advanced digital and physical techniques have been used in factory automation and manufacturing to significantly increase productivity, production flexibility, quality and power. Of course, industrial robots contributed, it will undoubtedly promote the transformation of the entire automobile manufacturing industry development, to date, the automotive industry is still the largest industrial robot possession of the industry.
As the largest automotive materials and design, industrial and equipment, engineering and service technology industry event in Asia, Shanghai International Automobile Manufacturing Technology and Equipment Exhibition (AMTS 2016) was successfully held at Shanghai New International Expo Center. Compared with other industries, the automotive industry on product size, quality, accuracy and assembly requirements are relatively high, the need for high-quality, large-scale production, robots and other high-end automation products to promote the application of the first, and continue to demand for technological innovation。


                     Volvo Cars and Uber have jointly developed autopilot vehicles and technologies
      Swedish luxury carmaker Volvo Group and Uber, the world's leading shared travel company, today entered into a strategic agreement to jointly develop the next generation of autopilot vehicles and technology. Under the agreement, Volvo and Uber will launch joint projects to jointly develop new base models. This model will not only cover the latest autopilot technology, and support upgrades, including the development of fully automated driving function of unmanned vehicles. The base model will be produced by the Volvo car, and then by the excellent step (Uber) to purchase. The two companies will invest a total of $ 300 million for the project. The base model will also be used for the next phase of Volvo and Uber's autopilot development: Uber will load its own unmanned system on the model, while Volvo will develop the next stage , In the models equipped with fully automatic driving technology. The strategic partnership between Volvo and Uber is a major advance in the field of autopilot. This is a powerful combination of car manufacturers and Silicon Valley technology companies, reflects the tide of technology in the ever-changing global auto industry's eclectic way. This partnership also opens up a long-term partnership for the future of the two companies. "Volvo is the world's most aggressive carmaker, and Volvo has a long history of being a world leader in smart security and autopilot technology," said Hank Samuelson, president and CEO of Volvo Cars. "We are proud to work with Uber, the world's leading technology giant, and this partnership marks Volvo's center stage in driving change in automation technology"。



                                                  Half of the flame, half of the sea
                                         2016 Beijing International Auto Show reported
2016 is the "thirteen five" the first year, but also to promote the structural reform of the crucial year. 2016 Beijing Auto Show is in line with national guidance routes, industry trends, a comprehensive display of the development of China's automobile industry, the future of new technologies, new trends, new pattern gives a clear pre-judgment. "Despite the slowdown in sales growth in China's auto industry in 2015, the new normal, but a new round of technological innovation, endless new traffic and business models, all the Chinese auto market to inject new vitality." "Internet, automation, electrification" Development strategy is in line with China's auto industry in the upgrading and transformation of the market demand. To build safe, clean, interconnected cars is the goal of China's auto industry. Facts have proved that China's auto industry is the development trend of digital automotive - such as automatic driving, auxiliary systems and networking. The Chinese market in the new energy vehicles, networking, digital and automatic driving and so has a global leading position. The more interesting is the Internet companies involved in the automotive industry - music super super car concept car super electric LESEE in the Beijing auto show for the first show. Letv ceo Jia Yue ting, said the future car will be based on high-speed fast car network, the use of unmanned technology, pure electric vehicles, car prices not only the manufacture of a car, but with four wheels of intelligent mobile devices , And mobile phones, computers the same. Music as the hope that through a unique technology to redefine and design cars, reform the automotive industry, more than the current leader in the field of electric vehicles Tesla United States. Although the music super and the United States partner Faraday (Faraday Future) reached a strategic cooperation, plans to produce LESEE car in Las Vegas, but the music side expressed hope that the cooperation with the Beijing Automotive Group to produce smart cars in China.
From the current situation of the Beijing auto show, the smart car will become the major car in 2016 the strategic direction of enterprises, and auto show will undoubtedly become the catalyst for the development of intelligent vehicles. Prior to this, a number of automobile and Internet company giants actively layout smart cars, research and development of unmanned and vehicle networking technology, the industry will continue to introduce new smart car models, the core components of heavyweight, Beijing auto show is the recent embodiment of the recent results . Although unmanned in the country has not yet been affirmed by the law, but the current Beijing Auto Show unmanned vehicle experience activities will undoubtedly greatly enhance the consumer's preference for unmanned driving.
The industry said that 2016 is the first year of unmanned, unmanned vehicle has become a recognized historical opportunity for the automotive industry, countries around the world in the rules and regulations on the unmanned unbundled to promote its entry into the practical mass production stage. The traditional auto giants have unmanned driving force, and in the current Beijing auto show concept car, is undoubtedly want to steer in front of this excellent opportunity to seize the market opportunities. The new Internet auto manufacturing companies are not far behind, in the automotive intelligent Internet and other products out. Can be seen that the future trend of intelligent vehicle development has become a consensus within the industry.

     Conclusion, we are living in the era of change
       We are in the era of change, and from the date of the birth of the car to the present, the human is always in the solution is the concept of the moment, the dream into reality. The power of tradition is strong, but the tradition is also subject to visible reality. The further deepening of the energy crisis to new energy vehicles from leisure to imminent, its development trend is irresistible. And with the technological level of progress and the Internet industry's strong entry into the automotive industry, the integration of the two from the car network, to the full realization of the smart car that day, but is just beginning.
All this we can not expect always through foreign opportunities to achieve, China has the opportunity to Internet technology, but also through the compatibility and absorb a large number of advanced automotive technology, at this time, China's own brand car prices if not due to the dynamic, May be abandoned by the world trend. From the current situation of the Beijing auto show, it is pleased to find their own brand of car enterprises in the new energy, car networking, intelligent and unmanned field has made considerable progress, independent brand car in the tradition of the car at the same time in the future The field of collective effort is undoubtedly exciting.
Enthusiasm like fire and calm water, this is not the opposite of the extreme, but can be integrated with each other. From the Beijing auto show on its own brand car prices performance, not blindly, heavy innovation, in the new model, new energy and intelligent efforts to explore. This may be the future direction of the development of China's auto industry - calm does not mean conservative, warm does not mean blind, even perhaps just the beginning, after all, in China's vast automotive market, competition is the first element.
In this era of change, we are in which, through which, is how honored?



                  New technologies drive industry change
    In April 2016 the Beijing auto show, multinational companies for auto show concern, nothing more than the Chinese market increasingly important strategic position. In 2015, China's car vehicles to 24.5 million, although this figure is lower than market expectations, but as the world's largest auto market, such a large market base, even if the increase is 2,3 percentage points, is still very impressive. In addition, can not be ignored is that China's auto industry is facing a new round of technological innovation, electric, intelligent, networked trend is affecting the entire industry changes. The emergence of new modes of transportation and industry, to the future of the automotive market into new vitality.
The future of the car will be more secure, clean, Internet, automatic driving technology has been within reach. It is foreseeable that the next 10 years, new technologies bring about changes in the automotive industry will be far more than the past 30 years. If the Chinese market in the past mainly to application development, the use of the majority of mature technology in Europe and America, then the next 10 years this concept will be broken. From "Made in China" to "China Innovation", has become more and more multinational companies in China's new strategy. Car prices attach importance to research and development behind the market and policy-driven. Chinese government support for new energy vehicles, as well as Chinese consumers for new technology open mentality, making more and more companies to focus on research and development of electric travel and automatic driving. With the rapid growth of global car ownership, energy shortages, environmental pollution, traffic congestion and other phenomena have become increasingly prominent, intelligent Internet cars can effectively solve these problems, representing the development of the automotive industry in the future found. It is gratifying that we, as diesel engines and auto parts retailers around the "environmental protection, improve fuel efficiency," "safe and secure," "comfortable and convenient" three core。


                China's auto industry in the inflection point period
    China as the world's largest automotive market, but also the vehicle and spare parts supplier global strategy of the top priority. In the low growth of the new normal, the future of China's auto industry to become the focus of attention.
China's auto industry is at a critical inflection point, the next decade (2013 -2021) annual sales volume is expected to 21% of the compound annual growth rate reduced to about 6% compound annual growth rate, and the future of China Automotive Market development characteristics will be closer to developed markets.
Specifically, although the overall slowdown in the auto market, but the market segment will grow rapidly, SUV, MPV and luxury cars will increase more than the industry average, second child policy, consumption levels will promote the promotion of large and medium-sized vehicle sales. In addition, consumer habits and changes in travel patterns, will bring new market opportunities. For example, the growing popularity of car sharing model, is bound to affect the future market structure. The mainstream car manufacturers have been concerned about and pay attention to sharing model, have launched pilot projects related to it.
The future of China's auto industry, intelligent network and new energy vehicles are two hot spots. Further infiltration and participation of the Internet, making cars and IT, consumer electronics more closely linked, automotive technology is accelerating change, the entire industry will be more cross-border. As for the new energy vehicles, driven by government dividend policy, the rapid development of electric vehicles, but if the cancellation of government subsidies, the future remains to be seen how sustainable development.
With the development of the scale of China's auto market, after the market will also appear more opportunities, such as auto finance, used cars, maintenance, automotive and other businesses. Of course, unlike Europe and the United States mature market, China is still in a disorderly market after the stage of development, how to find suitable for China's national development model is the key to business survival. In China after the market, or there will be many Chinese-style innovation, worth the wait.
Overall, although the industry has brought many new opportunities, but can not be overlooked is the problem of overcapacity, especially large state-owned enterprises and small and medium enterprises in excess of the situation is even more serious. The future part of the enterprise or will experience integration, this integration will be conducive to the healthy development of the entire industry


                                 What company affect the choice of spare parts buyers?
   Research suggests that product recommendations or recommendations are the most important factors influencing consumers' purchasing of spare parts. The re-purchase decision of the parts consumers will depend on their previous experience. Auto parts consumer preferences seem elusive, because the market types and brand models is too much. However, the Consumer Attitude Study, conducted by Aftermarket Business World, tries to answer the question.
The e-mail survey found that there is a very interesting link between component prices and consumer buying habits. The study involved a total of 12 auto parts product differentiation. Research shows that 75% of consumers said they would compare their prices when they buy spare parts. However, in addition to batteries and wipers, consumers in the purchase of other 10 categories of products, the price is not their most valued factors.
Other 10 products include: auxiliary lighting, battery chargers, brakes, chassis, washers, shock absorbers and pillar reducers, spark plugs, starters and generators, water pumps and bearings. For these 10 categories of parts and components, leading consumers to make purchase decisions also include: product recommendations, product performance descriptions and warranty, brand and store display and packaging.
Research suggests that product recommendations or recommendations are the most important factors driving consumer purchase of parts. In these 10 categories, product recommendation is almost considered to be an important factor influencing their decision-making.
According to the study, starters and engines may be the least affected by the price of the product. Only 40% of respondents said they would compare prices before buying starters and generators. among them. 30% of respondents said they need to buy such products, their car has been unable to start, such an emergency situation is often not take into account the price.
A general point of view among consumers of accessories is that their re-purchase decisions will depend on their past experience. More than 80% of respondents said they would "probably" or "very likely" re-purchase the product based on their performance.
Our company as a diesel engine and spare parts suppliers, we will allow consumers to spend a few dollars to buy better spare parts products, will likely help them save hundreds of thousands of dollars in repairs, pay close attention to product quality, supporting Service to keep up. We are a unique supplier that you can rely on.


        Baidu will be co-developed by British Hill & Knowlton autopilot technology

     Baidu recently announced at the company's annual conference "Baidu World" that it will develop a platform for autopilot vehicles based on AI (Intelligent Artificial Intelligence), which will be available to automotive manufacturers around the world. Development platform will be combined with Baidu's cloud system and map production technology has been NVIDIA's driving control software。
    The two sides will develop high-precision maps required for automatic driving, "3" automatic driving function and automatic parking function. "The development of a fully autopilot involves all end-to-end issues, ranging from on-board supercomputers to AI algorithms and updates to 3D (3D) maps on servers," said Jen-Hsun Huang, CEO. This underscores the importance of system development, not only for vehicles, but also for information infrastructures。
    Baidu is accelerating the development of automatic driving technology, the company in August 2016 has been jointly with Ford to LIDAR (laser radar) in the field of large-scale supplier VELODYNE invested 150 million US dollars. In addition, the end of August by the United States of California approval, can be autopilot car road experiment, is now preparing for the start of the experiment。


                 After the separatist separatist market competition
     This year is the second year of Karth survey will be fast repair chain system into the scope of the investigation. In this fast repair chain and 4S system of PK, it seems that fast repair chain occupied the upper hand, whether customer satisfaction or loyalty, fast repair chain system scores are higher than the 4S system. In fact, the difference between customer loyalty is still relatively easy to understand, 4S shop customer loyalty is showing the absolute initiative, the customer's willingness to be stronger. But 4S customer satisfaction as fast repair chain this result is indeed surprising。
In the 4S shop, comprehensive repair shop, fast repair chain stores, a variety of emerging Internet coexistence of a variety of formats, such as the market, 4S shop a dominance of the situation has long been in the past, but now face customer satisfaction, loyalty and quick repair Chain of the situation, does it mean that 4S shop really die? Not necessarily, the survey also shows that 4S shop, 35% of customers diverted to the fast repair chain stores and comprehensive repair shop, and fast repair chain stores also have 29% of customers back to the 4S shop. Customers choose not to go to 4S shop reasons, in the first place is not always criticized the price factor has been. From this, as the market after the multi-separatist, competitive situation led to the owners of which side of the loyalty is not high, which played a decisive role is not the price, mainly to see the service。
This year Karth survey selected 10 fast repair chain brand in the industry are quite large scale, in which the Xin treasure, Huasheng are well-known high-end car repair chain brand, take the model specializing in the business line; Hand, Michelin, little finger, good fast province, such as maintenance chain brand is the project specializing in business, we can see that the division of labor and professional way to the current market after the main direction of development。
Fast repair chain, although menacing, but still need to shape the price transparency, transparency and genuine service accessories brand image, constitute online purchase, offline service benign closed-loop, in order to have a more stable customer base. In this competition, the winning or losing is still difficult to judge the outcome, but the whole market after the service award more high-quality, transparent, efficient, and ultimately benefit the terminal owners。

          Put aside the dazzling business model, the magnificent advertising and subsidies, the user needs in the end what is it?
  On the one hand, the Chinese consumer knowledge of the car far less than the US consumers, most users are the first to have a car, not to study the car knowledge, "white" is the vast majority of users of the label. On the other hand, the country has a large and small 42 million repair shop, residual quality of service missing, so that users no choice, fear of being cheated pit。
  With these characteristics of the extreme non-standard field of service, the user needs not read the comments, but the real, reliable service. To create a reliable service system is the user can accept the car after the collapse of the road market. More daring to say, perhaps not just the car after the market, this applies to users to provide non-standard service situation of the new model will open a new wave of the Internet。


                  Japanese car companies set up joint venture specializing in 3D high-precision map
   Dynamic Map Planning, a joint venture between OEM OEMs, mapping services and component suppliers, was officially launched to produce 3D road maps of Japan before the Summer Olympics in Tokyo。
At the closing ceremony of the Rio Olympic Games this year, Japan has demonstrated that the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo will be a full-fledged Olympic Games, and that 2020 will be the node of the auto-driven vehicles that the major corporations have promised. Therefore, in terms of automatic driving, or from the Olympic point of view, are inseparable from the support of high-precision maps, which is large companies in Japan are willing to spend money to set up a map company reasons。
"Dynamic Map Planning" is a joint venture between Mitsubishi Electric, a component supplier, and Zenrin, a map maker, and nine carmakers. According to overseas news, the purpose of the formation of this company is drawn in 2020, Japan's 3D road map, this time is both the time of the Tokyo Olympic Games, public unmanned drone is open to the public time。
Mitsubishi Electric is responsible for manufacturing and implementation of 3D map-related components, these components will be installed in the vehicle. The GPS system is used to mark the location and the sensor can detect road grade. In addition, equipment such as lidar will be used to collect signals, signs and turning lanes, noise barriers and other relevant information to confirm the geographical location. Obviously, the goal of drawing a map task is to achieve the accuracy of the map as much as possible。
Dynamic Map Planning's technical team will first draw on a 186km highway and then extend to other roads. Before autopiloting a vehicle for commercialization, the task of drawing a map is almost mandatory. But the team into this, but also hope that in the drawing of 3D map of this technology allows Japan to rank among them. At present, Google and a number of emerging start-up companies dominate this industry。
Creating a special vehicle that can draw a map may be a way to implement 3D road maps, but this is not the quickest route. At the beginning of this year's CES, Toyota first demonstrated a collection of multi-party resources to create the map automatic drawing system, which uses car cameras and GPS, automatic mapping of vehicles required for high-precision maps, the accuracy can reach 5cm。


                System integration to meet the technical upgrading needs
    Government regulations for energy-saving emission reduction increasingly stringent, prompting the automotive industry continue to seek technical breakthroughs to further reduce fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. From the automotive technology trends, although in recent years the development of new energy technologies faster and faster, but the traditional internal combustion engine technology in the future for a long time will still dominate. Therefore, for the entire automotive industry, how to promote technological innovation through the traditional internal combustion engine energy saving is the key。
To powertrain technology, for example, the trend of electrical appliances will make the traditional internal combustion engine vehicles more and more clean. In response to the trend towards miniaturization and electrification, one of the main components of component suppliers is to continuously optimize the internal combustion engine and achieve more efficient power systems through system integration. For example, the Continental Group and Schaeffler Group jointly launched the concept of gasoline technology car, the car to Ford Focus sedan as a model, through the use of micro-mixing and other advanced technology, making the Fox car carbon dioxide emissions by another 17%. It is reported that the two companies on the car's powertrain system has been optimized in all aspects, one of the most critical technology 48V environmental driving system and electronic clutch and thermal management module. The success of the concept of gasoline technology shows that the overall efficiency of the system integration is greater than the simple addition of various components, a variety of innovative interactive wisdom, so that gasoline technology car low energy consumption possible。
Magna, another component supplier, is also making technological innovations in powertrain electrification. One of its product strategies is based on the existing DCT technology, integrated electrification solutions to meet the needs of different OEM customers. Based on the existing mature technology, the entire system without re-design, just according to the specific needs of local adjustment and improvement of vehicle layout does not need to re-design. This is a flexible and cost-effective solution with the advantages of reliability, flexibility, fuel economy and cost-effectiveness to meet the needs of different power systems。
For component suppliers, how to balance technology and cost, and to meet the needs of Chinese customers "speed", system integration should be the right choice。


                            Opportunities and Challenges for the Development of New Energy Vehicles
    Under the pressure of energy security, industrial auditing and environmental protection, China's new energy vehicle market has developed rapidly in recent years, with the support of various government policies. Although from the 2015 point of view, the market is still a small car-based hot models, does not represent the mainstream trend. But the future if the government subsidies to tighten or abolish the policy, then the industry will gradually shift from a policy-oriented market-oriented operation. According to PricewaterhouseCoopers predicted that the next 5-10 years will become an important period of industrialization of new energy vehicles in China, the market is expected to "blowout", and market demand will gradually from the public sector and micro-cars to pure electric passenger cars Transfer, and concentrated in the main pilot cities。
From the industrial chain point of view, PricewaterhouseCoopers analysis pointed out that the current domestic battery and motor industry matures, the industry concentration will be further improved; downstream charging infrastructure will enter a period of rapid development and gradually market, gave birth to a lot of opportunities And innovative models; in addition to domestic enterprises, the traditional automobile manufacturers, foreign and new entrants have increased investment, competition will be further intensified. Visible, the entire industry has entered a rapid development track。
Of course, the new energy vehicles to achieve a real industrial development, quality and safety issues need attention, including product design, the use of safety, charging and other facilities. Over the past few years occurred in the Tesla collision combustion, electric bus charging and burning accidents have caused the industry hot. So, how to protect the safety of new energy vehicles? Technical experts to give recommendations include: improving research and development and production processes, the introduction of functional safety design, safety assessment of the battery test, the implementation of charging installation regulations and service management, personnel training and other safety norms。
Let's look at the post-market, the development of new energy vehicles on the maintenance market is a big challenge, because it is completely different from the traditional fuel vehicles, and technology constantly updated. For the maintenance staff, there is no experience can refer to the need to explore new solutions in practice. Therefore, the new energy maintenance personnel need to nurture and reserves, the need to attract industry attention。


                                  Policy continued good new energy
      Earlier, the Standing Committee of the State Council to determine in principle no longer approved the new traditional fuel vehicle manufacturers, the automotive industry policy-intensive introduction of the traditional fuel vehicles to ease the excess capacity in the case, while continuing good new energy。
It is understood that the meeting decided to "steel, coal, electrolytic aluminum and other industries with serious excess capacity, no additional capacity, in principle, no longer approved the new traditional fuel vehicle manufacturers." Industry experts pointed out that this is a major industry good news . The reason, or because China unswervingly promote the development of new energy vehicles, the future of the incremental auto market is bound to rely on new energy vehicles to pull. The traditional fuel car production and sales in the next few years gradually into the "bottleneck", the new demand is mainly incremental access to new energy vehicles. The state in advance to prevent excess capacity, so that more advantages of resources into the field of new energy, which is the industry development planning a rainy day the right direction。
China's auto industry policy-intensive introduction of the industry that is to regulate the development of traditional cars and promote the new energy vehicles, "both hands." Looking ahead, with the intensification of market competition, domestic enterprises in the new project difficult circumstances, is bound to vigorously promote mergers and acquisitions, in order to achieve rapid development, especially in the next few years, four passenger cars and new energy vehicles "carbon Quotas "and other fuel consumption policy, will inevitably promote the automotive industry within the merger and reorganization。
In addition, the reference to overseas countries, although the German joint Senate will promote the German fuel vehicles after 2030 ban, but is still only on behalf of the German statement in the European Union; the German Environmental Protection Department to develop the "2050 Environmental Protection Plan" 2030 new car sales should be zero emissions. But the "2050 Environmental Plan" is still waiting for the recognition of other German departments, many politicians have publicly opposed the implementation of the plan. However, no matter what the outcome, the development of new energy vehicles is after all the general trend。
Topic back to the Chinese automotive industry, thinking "50 years to achieve 80% to 95% of the long-term plan", perhaps, the development of new energy vehicles has entered a accelerated, accelerated and then accelerated the race。


                            Internet giants have entered the market after the car
    Recently, after the car market competition intensified, according to third-party authoritative statistics, the automotive market is not only Jingdong, drop and other enterprises stationed, there are 92 domestic listed companies to participate in this piece of "cake" competition. In the field, the first set foot in the car after the market is Jingdong and Tencent, as early as the beginning of 2015, Jingdong and Tencent to cash and exclusive resources in the form of easy vehicles, investment totaling about 1.3 billion US dollars. In August this year, Jingdong re-joint Tencent, Baidu invested 550 million US dollars, into the easy car network's focus on auto financing subsidiary Yi Xin capital, in the latest 2016 Q2 earnings, people can see Jingdong has become easy car Of the largest shareholder, holding 26% stake in easy car.
Ali in the car after the layout of the market is not far behind. April 2015, Ali announced the establishment of "Ali car life", and integration of Taobao and Lynx resources, joint vehicle, used cars, local services and other auto-related businesses, began to build "Internet car" industry. In the mobile side, Ali also introduced the "car life" APP, to provide owners with fuel reminders, maintenance, repair and other automotive after-market services.

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        Publicity personality of the modified car market
   Today, with the popularity of cars in life, many people in the pursuit of power performance modification at the same time, more attention to the appearance of the modified car, they look in the type of body and color art to become public Different, so the process of re-creation of the second into a strong aesthetic and cultural tastes of the individual, over time, they formed a play, as a fashion。
However, the original car modification culture from racing, the first car modification is to improve the mechanical properties of the car, but with the popularity of cars in some motor sports developed countries, gradually developed into a huge industry. China's auto market in recent years after the rapid development of private car ownership has been the main proportion of total car ownership. Many owners began to pursue personalized, unique performance models, car modification began to hot up in the domestic market。
Since the original car modification from racing, naturally the original modification is to enhance the performance of vehicles. So the performance of nature has also become a modified industry pioneer. Today, the performance pie is also supported by some big brands of genre. The direction of its conversion is divided into power and control of two parts, such as the replacement of performance tires, lightweight wheels, upgrade the pressurization system, and some even take the replacement engine and gearbox, the purpose is to make a certain aspects of vehicle performance To achieve the ultimate, and maintain a relatively balanced state. Many of the car race also corresponds to a different conversion direction, such as the Japanese pop drift games are played, racing drivers will be installed in their own cars on the LSD slip limiters to increase the steering range; the United States popular linear accelerator, players will In order to race to increase their horsepower, and some will install the nitrogen acceleration system; in Europe, the track can be on the hero, so the vehicle in the power and control of the high balance has become the focus of the players。
In fact, no one modification is absolutely popular, we are trying new games are played, and sometimes into the parts and conversion fees, and even more than the price of the vehicle itself. This is normal. Although there are a lot of car beauty shops and repair shops are able to help to carry out modification services, but the overall level of good and bad, sometimes wheel hub installed in a store, tail and transferred to another, and engine modification more difficult to find the right Technical staff, almost no one can complete the entire conversion process to do down. Once the modified Chen business gradually liberalized and standardized management, automotive after the market can rely on their own resources and technological advantages to provide more value-added services business. It is worth mentioning that the original conversion has been standardized in the country and legal, which is the domestic market modified car released an important signal, which means there will be more and more foreign brands aimed at the Chinese market refiners。

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              Data Security Concerns in Mobile Internet
     Strategy Analytics, a consulting firm specializing in automotive electronics, recently released a research report on vehicle-borne data security, which surveyed consumers' concerns about information security when their mobile devices were paired with in-vehicle systems.
With the increasingly powerful, only the phone is playing an increasingly important role, and a lot of personal information and smart phones bound to become an important component of life. The rapid development of vehicle networking technology, but also to promote the smart phone and vehicle connections, information interaction is becoming more easy. But it also brings about data security concerns, these data include not only with the vehicle, but also with mobile devices, related to security and personal privacy。
Strategy Analytics reports that the majority of consumers in the US, Europe and China want their smartphones to connect to in-car systems to access mobile applications and music via on-board controls and displays. However, more than half of consumers also said they do not want cars to collect their driving data. When the phone and the vehicle are disconnected, the data in the consumer's mobile phone is not intended to be stored in the vehicle-mounted system. This concern is particularly acute among car-sharing users, which are expected to be cleaned of all personal data in the Strategy Analytics survey。
Indeed, with the growing popularity of a variety of Internet technology, information security is becoming increasingly important, has also become a smart network technology development challenges. To share the vehicle, the smart phone will replace the car keys, as the identity of the carrier. Then the interaction between the mobile phone and vehicle, you must ensure that the security of this two-way flow of information, each layer should have sufficient gateways or firewalls to improve information security. To ensure that each operation can issue the correct instructions to the vehicle, and the vehicle will not steal the consumer's personal information. For autopilot, the data-related network is completely problematic, it is the key technology。
From the world's major automotive brands of technology development line of view, automatic driving, car sharing has become the core strategy. The future, with the network security, including a variety of security issues, including the gradual capture of the entire automotive industry will achieve green, mobile travel, and zero accident traffic vision。
Mobile Internet era closer to the distance between you and me, as auto parts suppliers, our company will uphold the principle of quality and service first, customer demand will give top priority. Quality is our main priority. We do not just promise high quality but guarantee to deliver it through our intensive quality assurance systems。

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                     Application of Tag Error Prevention and Retrospective System in Auto Parts
   With the continuous expansion of the scale of the automotive industry, OEM manufacturers of sub-suppliers of product quality assurance capabilities and supply requirements steadily improved, and promote auto parts enterprises continue to strengthen and enhance its production process of product quality control and control of the shipment of materials Of the batch traceability. As we all know, auto parts have a very distinctive features:
1. High quality requirements, especially those related to driving safety, to achieve a specific function of the product, require records of all production processes and storage and shipment process。
2. High complexity, often have a large number of small parts to organize a large parts assembly, it must prevent the wrong parts are used, must ensure that the adaptability of parts。
3. Production plan accuracy and timeliness of delivery of high demand, product demand must be strictly implemented in the production plan, the product delivery must meet customer demand for time。
4. Product quality traceability and failure of the timely and effective breakpoint, bad product batch information can be clear and fast access to timely to prevent the shipment of bad parts to ensure that customers will not be part of the production quality problems and stop。
5. On the level of laws and regulations, the recall of products on the accurate traceability to ensure that the interests of end users。
   In summary, the auto parts enterprises for the production process error prevention, follow-up process and quality of product traceability has a great demand and even rely on. The popularity of the current two-dimensional code and the extensive use of full-data electronic scanning system makes the tag anti-error and traceability system increasingly mature and powerful. Our cylinder and cylinder heads are available in two-dimensional code. By scanning two-dimensional code, you can trace back to our downstream plant, assemble the product at the assembly station, print the label automatically, and label the product neatly. surface. The product flows into the test station. First scan the product label to determine whether the pre-qualified parts, and access to product part number, type and description, serial number, the results before the process and other information. After confirming the information, the yellow virtual label interface appears on the screen, waiting for the test operation. If the information is confirmed to be unqualified, the interface is pink, enter the scrap repair and new test link
    The product began testing, after the standard beats time, the interface once again shows the other colors of the virtual label, green means that the test can be packaged shipping. The other hand, red surface product testing failed to enter the next road scrapped repair and new test link. At this point all information is recorded。
   Products into the packaging and shipping links, scanning labels, the interface appears green, surface products can be shipped, and automatically print the packaging label, affixed to the outer package can be shipped. Otherwise red, the product was intercepted, waiting for further confirmation。
   The above-mentioned simple three-station model is intended to describe the application of the tag error-proof traceability system in the production and dispatching process of automobile parts enterprises in the most easy way. In the "Internet" and "Industrial 4.0" the dawn of the time, how to label error-proof and retroactive system easier and more effective investment in the actual use of auto parts enterprises are eager to pursue new goals. Our factory has been in the application of advanced technology to test the quality of products, so you can believe and choose us, we supply the diesel engine and auto parts are rigorously tested procedures, our quality is guaranteed。