Naveco engine company is the engine factory of Iveco in China. It has been our close cooperative partner for many years. Each year we get the best export agent reputation from them.

Their sofim series engines are our hot products. Now Iveco daily is becoming popular all over the world. The need for relative products is arising, such as diesel engine, engine parts, auto parts. We are preparing ourselves for every client's needs.


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                                                pilot-less airplane

Intelligent car is driverless cars, more and more people's attention. Car satellite navigation, automotive sensors, actuators, automotive and computer traffic information electronically with the help of the right to judge the static and dynamic information about the surrounding and automatically determine their own passenger car speed, driving direction correctly, quickly and safely reach their destinations.
Google has trials of traveling in the United States several million kilometers by the time the accident occurred in the middle of their own causes only; Baidu also recently began trial operation of intelligent cars, car prices All this shows and Internet companies have attached great importance to smart cars development.
Security and reliability will be the popular Smart car in the most important factor, it must be controlled within an acceptable range of people. Sensitivity is higher in the vehicle during the fast, likely to encounter a lot of unexpected factors, the intelligent car must very quickly make an effective response. Smart car parts procurement costs should be controlled at about 10% -20% of the purchase cost of the vehicle, so as to widely used. And our company as a supplier of automotive parts, we attach great importance to product quality, and downstream suppliers pay close attention to product quality, product qualification rate of 100%, quality is our culture, we can provide customers according to customer requirements desired product, manufacturers stocking arrangement, according to the contract fulfill each order, and strive to achieve win-win situation and the guests.

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